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Harm & Ease - Cut Me Loose (Music Video)

For this high-energy single from Harm & Ease, I wanted to create an action packed fight scene. We decided to tie it into the pre-existing lyric video for the same song by opening it using the same animation as the lyric video. This John Wick inspired mini action movie is the first of three parts to later be stitched together into a short film. It stars Myles  Erlick of Steven Spielberg's West Side Story and World renowned Dancer / Actress Briar Nolet

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Paul Maxwell has worked on over 200 projects in 13 countries and received millions of views on YouTube and social media. He has directed talent such as Sarah Silverman, Lisa Loeb and Walk Off The Earth.


Starting in the music industry as a performer, Music Videos were a natural first step for Maxwell and will always remain a mainstay in his repertoire. In 2021, however, he made the push to pivot into more narrative and commercial work. 


Maxwell has now directed and shot commercials for Meta, Pepsi, Lays, The NHL, French's and more. In 2021, as a Director of Photography, he shot two TV Series and a Feature Film. He is currently booked to shoot 2 Feature Films and 2 TV Series in 2022 and is Co-writing and Producing two long format TV Series.

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